Ladies Come and Ladies Go
Copyright Christopher Behnke
All Rights Reserved

Ladies come and ladies go
Don't waste your time on feeling low
And you'll feel fine in a week or so
When ladies come a knockin' at your door

I chased you for a long long time
Well I turn around and suddenly you're mine
Well ladies come and ladies go
Baby don't let me go


Kissin' you was sweet and kind
but kissin' her was just divine, well
I catch you making love to him, well
Baby don't you love me any more

Chorus 2x

I'm confused what's going on, well
I had it all and now its gone, well
Ladies come and ladies go
Baby don't you let me go

It's a hard knock world in a hard knock life, well
This ain't no Disney love and you ain't no Disney wife, well
I swear I loved you, but I'm just a boy