Men Are Bears


Christopher Behnke - Songs from Alaska

Men Are Bears is Christopher's first album. Recorded in a simple home studio in rural Alaska, Christopher calls it, "real kitchen music, gritty and charmingly flawed." Each song is a single take with no overdubbing. One guitar, one voice. 8 originals, 2 covers; recorded, mixed, packaged and promoted by Chris's friend Bill. "Just us Alaskans havin' fun with a little music, great music." Enjoy.

Christopher Behnke singing songs from the Album "Men Are Bears"

Men Are Bears song list:

Track Preview
Men are Bears Preview
Train on the Island* Preview
Small Town Preview
Every Indiscretion Preview
Raven Preview
Road-kill Deer Preview
Come to My House Preview
Shower in My Kitchen Sink Preview
Ladies Come and Ladies Go Preview
North Country** Preview


* written by J.P. Nestor and U.S. Edmonds
** written by Carol Elizabeth Jones